There are several different ways in which to be involved. Firstly, you can help us spread the word about what we are doing. Like us on Facebook, share our blog posts, and help us raise awareness. Currently we are not self sustaining, but that is our mission in the mid-term. But in order to get there, we do need your financial support to give immediate care to the children and to establish the sustaining businesses. Below are three different options how you can donate: In USD (for international people), in AUD (Australians) or in USD for US Residents. Please add a comment if there is something specific you want your donation to go toward.

This is our main donation option for our international supporters. Donations on this option are in US Dollars.

As we are an Australian registered non-profit, we have an option to donate in Aussie Dollars here.

For US tax residents, redirecting you to our US partner (Luv Way) a 501(c)(3) charity providing you a receipt. In the drop down box “For” select We Care Generation and add a comment.